Maxim Simonenko


Versatile 2D - ,  Concept - & Character Artist

Current Portrait- and Characterdesigns

Training and Skilldevelopment

Manga/Comic Artworks (2021)

Concepts for online classes, videos and books

Background Painting work (2017)

1 year working as a Backgroundartist for the 2D-Movie "Princess Emmy" responsible for painting the colour, establishing the mood and creating a Layer-Structure in Photoshop

Freelance Fantasy Art Jobs (2015)

Commissions for Book Covers, CD Covers, small Games and private customers.

Concept Artist Job (2011)

1 year fulltime job as a Concept Artist at Realmforgestudios GmbH in Munich, Germany for the game project "Dark" (Link on Steam). Responsible for drawing all the Character Concepts, Ingame Drawings and some Environment concepts.

Professional workflow due to 16 years of working experience inhouse and as freelance artist working for companies and private customers

Maxim is experienced in working with customers and colleagues. He can quickly adapt workflows and find his place in a team.  He worked for example 1 year in Munich at "Realmforge Studios GmbH" for the game "Dark" as the only Concept Artist. That way he could learn and experience a lot of different workflows. Moreover he worked 1 year as a Background Artist for the Movie "Princessin Emmy" at "Animationsfabrik GmbH" in Hamburg. 

Versatile in his art due to different art careers as concept artist, illustrator, portrait artist and art instructor

Maxim enjoyed following different art careers with different demands. Today he specialized in drawing humans - stylized as well as very realistic. From Manga, Comic, Semi-realistic to realistic Portraits and Character art. That way he is very adaptable and can support your projects in the best way possible.

Fluent in speaking and writing in English, German, Russian and Japanese

Maxim was born in Russia, then moved to Germany (currently staying in Rostock, Germany), then lived 1,5 years in Japan and traveled around the world for 2 years.
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