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Regular bookings in Europe for corporate and private events since 16 years

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Drawings adapted to your unique requirements, thanks to Maxim's versatility
karikatur portrait in farbe digital Ipad schnellzeichner karikaturist maxim simonenko maximko

Portraits and caricatures with themes / backgrounds

It is particularly exciting to draw visitors as specific characters to match the theme of the event. Whether from games, films or series.

Quick-drawing artist Maximko prepares several body drawings before the event. At the event, visitors can choose their motive.

Because the bodies are determined and drawn in advance, Maximko saves a lot of time and can portray more people.

Maxim has already been booked at Gamescom by well-known companies such as Warner Bros. and Blizzard.


As a live caricature portrait artist, Maximko offers an exceptional portrait style. The drawings are not distorted or funny. They are serious portraits that are perfect for the wall or as a profile picture for social media.

Customers are delighted because they look even more beautiful in these portraits.

People who are particularly photo-shy like to use these portraits online.

Customers either receive a printout on site or are sent a link where they can download their portraits.

karikaturen portraits event tusche bleistift schnellzeichner karikaturist hochzeit geburtstag maxim simonenko


Of course, portraits and scenes can also be drawn traditionally with pens on paper.

Such unique portraits are particularly popular at weddings and birthdays.

If the live caricature portrait artist Maximko does not manage to draw everyone live, he takes a photo of the remaining people, draws the portraits at home and then sends them all to the bridal couple, who distribute the drawings. This guarantees that everyone who wants to be drawn gets a quality portrait.

Scenes, mood pictures and drawings of the surroundings

Would you like to capture the atmosphere at your event with a drawing? Or would you prefer to use an illustration instead of a photo for social media or a blog post?

Maximko also sketches scenes and environments quickly and expressively.

For such drawings, Maximko moves through the event and scribbles snapshots. The visitors are enthusiastic and very interested in such drawings, which significantly enhances the event.

umgebungsskizze stimmungsbild event karikatur portrait in farbe digital Ipad schnellzeichner karikaturist maxim simonenko maximko
karikaturen portraits event tusche bleistift schnellzeichner karikaturist hochzeit geburtstag maxim simonenko

Graphic Recording

Would you like to have a graphic overview of the most important topics of the event and/or the presentations? Maxim draws and writes a picture in a wonderful unit that will impress your guests and remind them of the most important things later.

This is an example of a graphic recording for Inspire Technologies. I drew live for about 6 hours to complete the recording. I drew on an iPad and the drawing process was broadcasted on a large screen. This allowed the guests to follow the creation of the picture live.

A recording like this requires preparatory work on my part. I have to get to grips with the topic beforehand and know the rough outline of the presentations. Then it goes really quickly.

My knowledge as a portrait artist, as an illustrator for games, film and comics, comes in very handy here.

schnellzeichner in münchen portraits karikaturen

Maximko, the versatile quick-draw artist

Hello, I'm Maximko (Maxim Simonenko) and I've been an enthusiastic live caricature portrait artist for 16 years. For me there is nothing more exciting than drawing people with people! :)

In my artistic career so far I have drawn for games and movies, published drawing books and taught in schools and academies. All this experience really helps me in event drawing, because every job is unique and brings exciting challenges.

I am booked all over Europe for trade fairs, congresses, conventions, company parties and TV appearances.

I wish you lots of creative fun and look forward to working with you!



A top-class quick-draw artist, super friendly and fun to work with. My friend and I became aware of Maxim at the German Comic Con in Dortmund. We are thrilled with his work, certainly our highlight of the fair. :)

Melanie B.

"We highly recommend Maxim and his professional and high-quality work! Everyone was very enthusiastic and such a picture linked to the event will always be remembered."

Sarah Strobel

"He is an excellent draughtsman, all the guests were totally enthusiastic and highly satisfied. Mr. Simonenko is very pleasant and open-minded. He deserves our applause. I can recommend him with a clear conscience."

Katrin Beuck

"Great artist! We booked him for an event where he drew the guests as gaming characters. The results are fantastic and all the guests were very happy."

Frederik Faulseit

"A highlight at our wedding! We booked Maxim for our wedding and it was a complete success. There was a queue and the pictures turned out great. We can only recommend him!"

Marcus Siems

We hired Maxim as a surprise for our wedding, which went down incredibly well with our guests :) We are totally thrilled and would recommend Maxim to anyone who is looking for a special surprise for their celebration :)


"Maxim did a great job! I booked him for my mother's 60th birthday. He really responded to my wishes and implemented them perfectly. It was a successful surprise with a fantastic result! Thank you, Maxim!"

Carmen Graf

Book Maxim for your event

Trade fair, company celebration, congress, wedding, birthday party, party, gala

Maximko's advantages as a live caricature portrait artist

  • Versatile and flexible drawing of caricatures and portraits adapted to your wishes

  • Friendly and professional approach
  • The experience of being drawn is invigorating and exciting
  • A drawing is often more personal than a photo
  • Exciting not only for the people being drawn, but also for the viewers, who can follow the portrait drawing process live
  • An individual experience and that little bit extra at your event

Digital portraits and caricatures provided as JPEG or Vector file

Printing takes time and you often want to write to the interested customer again after the event. A good reason is then to send the drawing and thus consolidate the communication with the customer.

As a quick sketch artist, Maximko prepares all drawings after the event and makes them available in a Google Drive folder, clearly organized and named.

The organizer now has access to the drawings at any time.

Print and show on large screens

Especially for large events such as trade fairs, congresses and company celebrations, it makes sense to hire Maximko as an Ipad illustrator. The drawing process can be presented in an exciting way on a large screen and attract the attention of customers. Printing is of course no problem, Maximko has a mobile printer with him and can print on A6, A5 and A4.

  • The drawing can be broadcast live on a large screen
  • Customers receive a printout and a digital image file
  • Customer discussions can be held during the printing process
  • All portraits can be compiled into a collage afterwards
  • Company logo, individual motifs or backgrounds can easily be added to the drawing

Maxim Simonenko


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